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Underground Fitness is currently a 4,000 sq ft swipe card access training facility. The gym is 24/hr member access on a swipe in basis, with staffed hours Mon-Thurs & special after hour appointments upon request.  We know the busy & active lifestyle of the fitness enthusiast and keep our group classes to the “quiet gym time” as your workout is of the utmost importance to us. We thrive on a clientele of individuals who are driven and passionate about training, serious about learning and motivated to see the result.
Equipped with 50ft turf, perfect for those long strided walking lunges, sled push/pulls and plyo work. Our equipment is geared toward the strength & conditioning junky. Our machines include a smith machine, half cage, hack squat, leg press, seated hamstring curl, laying hamstring curl, leg extension, seated calf raise, hyperextension, assisted pullup/dip, incline bench press machine, incline bench, decline bench, flat bench, lever row, landmine row, shoulder press machine, pec dec/reverse delt machine, ab coaster, apparatus adjustable ab bench, leg raise stand, 20-100lb preloaded barbells, 5-120lb dumbbells doubled up from 10 to 55lb for your convenience a 5 state apparatus.
Owned & operated by Scott & Ariana Woytas with help along from Viktoriia who runs our front desk, and Brittany Hewlko fitness trainer/ sports conditioning expert. We have a stacked team of individuals who are friendly, knowledgable and truly living that lifestyle of health and fitness we provide.

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Locally owned and operated. We have the ability to build rates specifically with YOU in mind.

Not seeing what you are looking for? Contact us today at 306-745-3701 or our after hours number 306-740-6454.

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